Hello, friends & readers. I wanted to welcome you to my page where I unleash and improve my writing talents. Some writings may be off, some may be a masterpiece. Such is life – for I write as life happens… and Life isn’t always perfect.

In today’s society, I’m a mute that can’t hear or speak,

Their eyes viewed me as a girl, naive, and weak

Little did they know, they fed the fire in me

Resilient, I wrote so loud, they began to see

They began to realize I was nothing ordinary

My strength rises, my heart set alight

And my blood is the ink in all I write

Now I walk the streets where we used to roam

Passed the house where I used to call home

I remembered images of young me buried into a book

Now, my step carry more pride, my face a smug look

I felt untouchable, Whoa!, I felt incredible

I had gone to places where I was never able

And there is nowhere for them to look but up 

Because that is where I am at, on the top!


Copyrighted by WordlessBird 2012


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