Perfectly Imperfect (2011)

I’m sorry I’m not the perfect ten,

Shoulda shown you my imperfections,

I’m just a simple woman.

I’m sorry I didn’t do my part,

Shoulda told you from the start,

before I went and stole your heart.

I’m flawed, in each and every way,

I fight a war inside me every day,

Hid the pain from every words I say.

I don’t think I should apologize,

For simply trying to survive,

and I will try not to ever cry.

How am I supposed to love unconditionally,

When you and the others continue to leave,

I’ve been called crazy, been called weak.

I’ve been chillin’ here in the same place,

Wearing the same style, the same face,

The same fuckin’ ‘tude, the same pace. 

I dance to the oldies on the jukebox,

Store memories in my little shoebox,

and I’ll bury it in the boondocks.  

Since a youngun, I’ve been the lyrical queen,

When lost in a zone, I’m always supreme,

No matter the hate, I’ll always gleam.

I’ll be me,

a dejected defect.

I’ll always be me, 

Perfectly imperfect.


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