In today’s world where it’s hard to speak the truth

I try and understand all the positions in different shoes

Walked a hundred miles with a twisted soul

and I had come to find answers to the unknown

I am no ordinary girl

I must not be of this world

In a handful of diamonds, I’m an onyx

I am not an average or a national statistic

I am no Galileo or Albert Einstein

But I can still roll and blow ya mind

I stay real in the ever-changing society wherever I go

In the sea of black and white, I’m a rainbow

I walk with pride in my step and strut what I got

I wear confidence, which is the best make-up

Uh! I know, I know I got some of those

Haters and creeps that crawl so low

I fret not for I have my faithful wings

To fly over jealous queens and fallen kings

Copyrighted by WordlessBird


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