The Ship That Never Gave Up

Treat me like a porcelian doll
perched on the edge, ready to fall
Like humpty dumpty, into tiny pieces I will shatter
never be able to be put back together
When I lay down and die, will anyone cry?
no, I doubt, for in celebration they’d shout
They feed me lies in hope i’d turn a blind eye
No, I confronted, and of couse, they’d deny
This shit has been going on way too long
From dawn to dusk, and dusk to dawn
In the dark on my bed, I’d sometimes think
whenever will this rickety dinky ship sink?
To take me along deep into the watery grave
Yet the bruised ship battles on, wave after wave
Against my wishes to swim with the fishes and
charged through floating ice and sunken lands
It made me grab ahold of the steering wheel
Jumpstarted my heart, I began realizing this is real
The icy cold wind slaps and bites at my face
As I struggled to hold for a direction change
Finding my inner strength, I steered straightway
No perfect storm is going to get in my way
No giant waves is ever gonna tip
My rickety dinky ship
Today I raise up my filled cup
To the ship that never gave up


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