My So-Called “Best Friend”

So here we are, at the year’s end
It’s funny
how we went from being family
To two complete strangers
Over stolen money
She was someone I used to trust
Someone I used to love
More than my own life
My former muse with blue eyes
But then, she had left me used
My loyalty, she had abused
Is she still worth it?
I surely doubt it.
now with open eyes
I saw her coverted lies
Manipulative little girl
Stuck in an adult’s world
She was as fake as my purse
Didn’t think she’d be any worse
But she had proved me wrong
Its time for me to move along
All the songs we wrote together
Had made for a real good bonfire
Memories of us, erased to the end
I’ve had set fire to my so called bestfriend
my so called best friend
My so called best friend
Say her name I’d say who?
Who, who, who?
I don’t know her
just another stranger


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