Battle Up

To where, to where do I go?

Once was I lost among the shadows

I’d tried to walk in over-sized shoes

Tried to live the life just like you

But you know what I realize?

By being me, I am perfectly fine

The expensive brands that I don’t wear

and the salons I don’t go to do my hair

Shouldn’t at all

define me ’cause

I’m much more than what you see

the question is: can you handle me?

I’m the power of the sun bottled up

fully charged and ready to battle up

Keeping steady, my mind on ready

Think like a man, act like a lady

Just because I can kick some ass

Does not mean I do not have class

I have love in my life for which I am grateful

I have family and friends for which I am thankful

My heart has the words – I only lend it my voice

You can’t change the world without making noise


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