Our Love Story

When we met, it wasn’t fireworks
I didn’t know then
You would be my man
And I would be your girl
But then you said, “You’re beautiful”
And held open my door
By then, I was yours
We traded our hearts
And made our start
A couple years went by and
Still, here we are, hand in hand
With a handsome son and a beautiful daughter
We have been blessed with a life alike no other
It feels so good to be by you
Almost too good to be true
I wake up thanking for another day
To share with my children and my babe
Family, it’s everything for me and you
Family, guide me and keep my path true
I used to think I knew Love
But now I know that I was wrong
Just from looking into your eyes
I can’t help but fall inside
It just feels so right loving you
It feels so perfect beside you
I see the future 60 years down the road
In a house made with love, not with gold
I see you still here, sitting by me, watching the dawn
You may be a little bit aged, but still so handsome
Our children may be full-grown but they still come home
Because it’s where love makes you never feel alone


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