I am invisible, invisible –
Cannot be seen if it was able.
So, I tried to not care,
Yet, I’m standing here,
And they’re all passing me by.
Under the sun and bluebird sky,
I’m a flower trying to keep warm,
In the middle of the snow storm.
I would bloom in the sunshine,
Just to have their eyes meet mine.
I am like an old, forgotten poster,
That had faded away as time slither..
Oh, I, I, I…
I am a red rose,
on the side of the road,
People forgot to stop and smell,
and reminisce on what makes Life swell.
So, go on, go on, go on please –
Walk on by, don’t notice me.
Don’t wave, don’t shake,
Whatever they do, I will take.
Step on me, to get to the next level,
Rain on me like the month of April.
Oh, I, I, I…
I don’t care, I’ll endure it all!
Why would they care? I’m invisible!
There are countless billions of souls on this planet,
More are born & more dies every minute!
Why have I never had ever thunk,
That I’d mean the world to someone?
I’m but a tiny, tiny firefly’s light,
In this vast reality, locked in flight
Whenever and wherever I land in the end
I hope this to be seen, what I had penned

– N. K. 13


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