F*ck YOU

So kick me when you’re down, yell at me when you’re wrong
I will still be standing tall, I will still be holding on strong
Tell me I’m stupid, worthless, I’d never be anything without you
Words fade away before it got into my head because it isn’t true
The end in our road has come up once again
This one we couldn’t overcome, time for my own to begin
I’m tired of the aching heart, of keeping us from splitting apart
You keep lighting a fire in me then putting it out
You give me dreams then turn around and cast in doubts
You make me happy then you drive me crazy here and there
Why do you do this, do you find pleasure in my tears?
Well, you know what, boy? Fuck you!
Yeah, I said it – fuck you, fuck you, too
I’m not play-doh for you to shape and form
To please your world and your society’s norm
I was supposed to be your wife
Take care of you and love you for life
But no more, no more, no more
Watch me walk out of the front door
Stay in the same place, remain all mad
I’ll still be the best you could have ever had


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