Hazy Clarity

Hung onto a broken dream

For God knows however long

I don’t know what this means

The clarity between right and wrong

Went hazy like a hot summer day

My vision failed me, it failed me

To lead on through, to make way

My heart tricked me with sweets

and over-the-top romantic stories

My ears doesn’t hear so I feel

My feet has walked over so many

Yet it all still seem so unreal

I am someone’s nightmare

and my lover’s favorite fantasy

I am here when nobody’s there

and I am someone’s worst enemy

All I ever wanted was true love

To be the breeze under my wiiiings

Lift me up high in the skies above

Sweep me away – oh, take me iiiinnnnn

But I cannot keep on dreaming

I cannot keep on seeing faces

I cannot keep on pretending

I cannot give second chances




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