If I could turn back the time (rewind)
Back to when I wasn’t broken in my mind
there would be so much I’d change for me
So many days I would spend differently
Lovers I had would never had happened
And I would never have had any children
Oh if i could truly rewind back the time
Would I still walk away a better woman?
I’m tired of having to fix it all
Then have it fail on me and fall
I am filled with heavy regrets
That I try (and try) to forget
All that I had left behind lost
Over just an idea of love
i know now it’s a fantasy
Just a little girl’s ridiculous dream
Give me nightmares every night
for it is closer to being true
than love and happiness
Rewind, back to the times
Of careless days, to easier ways
To when I was free to be me
Send me back to when I was 18


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