About The Writer

I am no simple female, I am no angel, I am of no mystery, and of no misery. I’m that lone light you see after darkness falls, the sound of power at highest waterfalls. I’m the blood you spilled, the secrets you kept;  I’m a dream that stilled, the tears many hearts wept. I’m just me.

14 thoughts on “About The Writer

    • When I was 12 and wrote a piece that won a state contest, I was propelled into writing/literature afterwards by my supporters. I am 26 now, trying to fine-tune my skills. I still feel I’m not good enough to go ahead and publish my stuff. Thank you for reading! 🙂

      • thats cool, good to have some positive experience at a young age. I entered a stephen king short story deal when i was a kid and got a letter from him. All you can do is keep writing, well I guess you could print as well, ha. Im never sure if people click like on my stuff because of my art, the literature, there drunk, or all 3. Feed back can be good.
        heres a project i Illustrated


      • Oh I have to say Stephen King’s novels are what inspired me the most, along with Poe and so on, but King always ranked #1 on my favorites. Just a brilliant man.

  1. Read, read, read – that’s how writers improve. Poetry is a dedicated life sport and sometimes the body is feeble! I love writing poetry, but currently am without the muse. I am in a reading phase instead. I find it a huge solace. Thanks for visiting my blog. One thing I did when I was struggling with my own writing was to make an anthology of some of my favourites , you might enjoy visiting the website, it can be seen in its entirety on preview. I also made a book of my own poetry to pass on to my sons. I love the fact they have a journal of my life on their bookshelf. Of course they are completely nonpussed by it at the moment ! http://www.blurb.co.uk/books/3116655
    and http://www.blurb.co.uk/books/2247852

  2. You are so beautiful that it’s not quite simple and it’s unable to be understood. Please, continue writing. I really enjoy your work!

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