Mile After Mile

It’s raining in the dark outside
We’ve been at this a little too long
Let us make peace and play nice
And maybe we could all get along

It’s still raining as the sun shine
I’ve been kicked to the curb
Taken away from what once was mine
Could any of this get any worse?

Shelter me, o’ weeping tree
From the heavy raindrops falling
Down, down, down like misery
I’m desperate to hear my calling

A bird flies overhead, I look up
Suddenly, it seems as if it speaks
Telling me to awaken and to stand up
“You need to believe you are not weak”

Keep on walking in the word of truth
your knees may get tired after a while
But they are never going to fail you
If you keep the belief in faith, mile after mile


I am bulletproof, I said BULLETPROOF!
Inside and out, cannot get through
I burn down kingdoms with just words
My mind is sharper than the Excalibur

My heart is foolproof, My soul flameproof
“I’m Bulletproof!”, I shout out from the roof
My strength is my armor which only gets harder
I eat haters for breakfest which makes me stronger
Not talkin’ anymore ‘cuz you feelin’ my grip on ya neck
I’m tired of messing with y’all, you people are a wreck

I am bulletproof, I said BULLETPROOF!
Inside and out, cannot get through
They fall out of my way as I pass by
Hide behind trees where they’d spread lies
Just like the snake with Eve, they wish for me to bleed
They wish for me to lay down my weapons, be on my knees

I did not survive all my hardships just to surrender
My pride refuses it – my own image, they will censor
and my grandmother did not raise a foolish, naive girl
In my stance, I struck the ground and let my flag unfurl
Hear my roar echo on rolling hills, all around in valleys
Feel my bite in icy winds, sense me in shadows between trees

I am bulletproof, I said BULLETPROOF!
Inside and out, cannot get through
All around the world they try and test me
I just can’t lose because I trust in me

Copyrighted by Wordless Bird

Up in the Mountains


Up in the mountains high in the clouds is where I roam, among tall Pines and Evergreens is where I call home.

Beauteous skies that goes on for miles in a view, the valleys smokes with the mist and sparkle with dew.

When darkness falls on the night of a new moon, millions of twinkling stars comes out none too soon.

When the moon is up high, full and alight, one could witness all those that creep and crawl at night.

The Nest

A tall tree with no leaves, a lone nest sits up atop

The snow falls, the rain pours, the wind blows

And yet still there it sits, as if iron wrought

Simple yet ever bold




Copyrighted by WordlessBird

Emotions on a paper

I write as I live, I live as I write

Give me a pen, I don’t need an eraser

Emotions converted to words onto a paper

A finished poem feels like a break-up

After a hot affair with smeared make-up

Copyrighted by WordlessBird 2012