Mile After Mile

It’s raining in the dark outside
We’ve been at this a little too long
Let us make peace and play nice
And maybe we could all get along

It’s still raining as the sun shine
I’ve been kicked to the curb
Taken away from what once was mine
Could any of this get any worse?

Shelter me, o’ weeping tree
From the heavy raindrops falling
Down, down, down like misery
I’m desperate to hear my calling

A bird flies overhead, I look up
Suddenly, it seems as if it speaks
Telling me to awaken and to stand up
“You need to believe you are not weak”

Keep on walking in the word of truth
your knees may get tired after a while
But they are never going to fail you
If you keep the belief in faith, mile after mile

Come Sit By Me


Come sit by me on this mountain here

See the majesty of Mother Nature at her boldest

It feels different with the wilderness lurking near

Get warm before nightfall, she can be at her coldest

Sit by me by this fire here

Believe I will keep you warm

Don’t you worry, dear

I will chase away any harm

Wherever you may be, here or there

At any times, I will cross the world

At your call or just to be near

Always know you’re my special

Outside, amongst the trees

I find myself right at home

I feel, almost entirely free

And never, ever alone

Come sit by me, open your eyes

Breathe in the fresh, cool pine

See the eagles diving in the skies

Lay down in meadows in warm sunshine

Can’t you see, this was meant to be

I was given signs that led me to you

You were right there, just made for me

That was when I knew

Oh, yes…  I knew

Up in the Mountains


Up in the mountains high in the clouds is where I roam, among tall Pines and Evergreens is where I call home.

Beauteous skies that goes on for miles in a view, the valleys smokes with the mist and sparkle with dew.

When darkness falls on the night of a new moon, millions of twinkling stars comes out none too soon.

When the moon is up high, full and alight, one could witness all those that creep and crawl at night.



From a size of a dime to a fishing boat, with its’ beautiful floating ball of silk-like see-through skin and strings, so majestic as it floats in silence unbeknownst to some that they harbors heavy-duty stings, rainbow colored, some lie on the surface of the waters, some megasizes and hides way deep underwater