Deep in my soul

Sits a carved out hole

where my beating heart used to reside

A dried out prune with no chances to revive

Look at what love had led

Laid me out to waste as I bled

Warning Signs


Curves so dangerous

I am hazardous

A taste so sweet

I am addictive

Eyes full of wonder

And  promises

A touch of gold

Flakes in my skin

Warm or cold

You want me still

Not of  this world

I will be nobody’s girl




Don’t judge me by the way I write

Or the way I talk or the strut in my walk

Unless you got a license to criticize

It still ain’t worth squat when you step on my block

I just want to be, want to be loved

I’m sure you do too – let’s rise above

And be the people we want to be

Maybe the world will finally fall in love with me

If I were to write the most magnificent piece

An opportunity will appear in time for me to seize

Patience is a virtue I must practice with faith and love

and I will rise above, I will rise above